Street food at The Depot, Cardiff

This time a year ago, street food in Cardiff was more likely to be a greasy kebab on Chippy Lane than gourmet grub made from local ingredients. Now it seems like you can’t go to any big event in town without a yummy mobile eatery being present too.

Something Creatives have jumped on the back of this popular pop-up trend in launching Street Food Cardiff in a disused warehouse on Dumballs Road – better known as The Depot. We took a trip down to the hippest foodie spot in town for their Thanksgiving themed evening. The queue was long – we waited over an hour to get in from the cold – but it was definitely worth the wait.

Hand-painted wooden signs, mismatched furniture, an abundance of fairy lights and sculptures of trees, along with hundreds of hungry people and 11 food stands, transformed the metal shell into a colourful street dining extravaganza. Follow our footsteps below!

All the cool kids in Cardiff have heard about SFC by now, so it was a bit of a wait to get in

Once inside it was difficult to miss all the street food stalls, but these signs pointed us in the right direction

These happy punters can vouch for that!

This boutique bar was serving up cocktails from a converted caravan

London restaurant Burger & Lobster made their Cardiff debut at the event ahead of their first Welsh restaurant opening

Bangkok Café‘s fragrant and creamy vegan Thai pumpkin curry. More please!

The Brûlée Bar proved pretty popular for its fancy blowtorched puddings

…and thank you, The Depot, for a fun and filling evening!

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