Street art spotting at Empty Walls, Cardiff

Since late September, Cardiff has become one giant canvas, inviting over 20 different artists to display their distinct styles on public walls for all to see.

This arrival of outdoor creativity is thanks to the Empty Walls project, an annual street art festival run by the Art Council of Wales in a collaboration with creative groups like Made in Roath and Cardiff Contemporary. The event has injected some much needed colour and creativity into the city’s dingiest corners, made a range of artistic styles more accessible and given talented artists the space to show off their skills.

With the advice of a well informed lady working at The Abacus gallery (a handy centre point for much of the art on show), we set off hunting for inspiration on the streets. As you can see, we weren’t disappointed!

This freaky depiction is by Dutch artist Jo¥, who works by randomly flinging paint on to a surface until a form emerges

One of the most ambitious artworks to pop up was this freaky skeletal beast by North Wales born illustrator Phlegm

Another of Phlegm’s creations – this one was lurking behind a multi-storey car park

Amy took a break from street art spotting on one of The Abacus’s upcycled crate chairs – surprisingly comfy!

Local artist Philip Morgan painted this cross-dressing Welshman for Empty Walls

Here’s me hanging out with Welsh accordionist Guto Dafis, who was pasted up by local photographer Dan Green. He must be there to liven up this rather grotty car park with his music, although we didn’t hear a peep from him

This huge, cartoonish mural by Italian artist Zed1 was our favourite – fun and imaginative in equal measure

If you’re in Cardiff and fancy seeing these artworks up close and personal, we recommend paying The Abacus a visit – several of these pieces can be found on or around the building, and the gallery offers handy maps showing you how to find the rest.

We’d like to check out some more inspiring street art, so if you’ve seen a masterpiece in a public space and snapped a photo of it, be sure to tweet us @Creative_Hacks and show us!



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