Six tips to stop spiders from taking over your home

spiderSPIDERS ARE TAKING OVER THE UK, says the media. With long spells of dry weather followed by downpours and the imminently cool autumn nights, eight-legged creatures are reacting to the temperature changes by sheltering in our homes.

Freaky as they may be, you need to stand your ground from the common pests. Here are six simple tips for keeping creepy crawlies under control. We wish you good fortune in the battle of humans versus arachnids.

Get rid of spider food

One of the first things to do to detract spiders is to get rid of anything that they see as food. Spiders love bugs, and the easiest way to get flies out of your home is to eliminate anything that they are attracted to. Throw away rotting food, especially fruit, and make sure your bins are secure enough to keep bugs from getting in them. Put away your fruit bowl, if you have one – it’s a spider restaurant waiting to happen.

Make your own spider spray

Essential oilsThis is the sort of thing that you’d expect to find on a shopping channel. We promise you that our version is a lot cheaper, takes less time to get your hands on and is free from nasty chemicals. Get a spray bottle, like the type gardeners use to spritz their plants. Pour three cups of tap water into the bottle. Add one tablespoon of a yummy smelling essential oil (citronella, orange oil or mint work well). Then add one teaspoon of washing up liquid, pop on the nozzle and shake the bottle like crazy for fifteen seconds. That’s it! Spray the deterrent near the corners of your rooms, any entrance zones and any areas where you’ve seen spiders before. Remember to test it on a small patch first in case it stains, and hold the nozzle at least a foot away from any objects.

Keep it clean

Sounds obvious, but if you get rid of webs, you lessen the chance of spiders hanging around. Hoover up any webs – if you use a feather duster, you’re creating a webby stick for spiders to party on. Also, if you see any small, sticky white or yellow globs on your walls (spider’s eggs), hoover them up or wipe them off with a damp tissue.

Cluster your conkers

conkersIt isn’t a myth – conkers keep creepy crawlies away. Science, you beauty. Hunt down some conkers, give them a clean and pop them in little clusters around your home. Like the spider spray, conkers won’t kill spiders, but they will make your home much less attractive to them.


Spiders love warm, dark places. Minimise the number of potential spider hideouts by decluttering rooms and storing things in sealed boxes. If you open up nooks and crannies, you will be able to see if spiders have made webs on your things, and it will be easier to stop them early on.

Shut them out

Windows, doors, vents, cracks – any ways for spiders to enter your home need to be sealed up as much as possible. Shut windows and doors, and frequently wipe them down. Seal any cracks or holes in walls and check your vents for signs of spiders. If they can’t get in, they won’t be able to take over your home.


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