The Great British Bake Off BINGO!

bakeLet’s face it: we don’t really watch The Great British Bake Off for the food. Scrummy though it looks, our entertainment comes from spotting all those humorous telly tropes: every misjudged morsel and dirty double entendre is a reminder that the people sweating away in oven mitts are relatable human beings just like us.

Indeed, a number of audiovisual ingredients define the Bake Off viewing experience, so we thought we’d make a little game out of them. The rules are simple: find a fellow fan and tick off the regularly appearing GBBO-isms from our ready-made bingo cards as they pop up on your screen this Wednesday evening. Whoever’s filled the most boxes on their card at the end of the episode is the winner. Here’s what you’re looking for:

Mel or Sue puts on a foreign accent

accentSignature bake is a family favourite

familyfavouriteContestant stares longingly into oven

stareslonginglySexual innuendo

innuendoCutaway to farmyard animal

farmyardanimalContestant messes up and starts again

startagainTechnical error covered with excessive decoration

coverupFood historian appears

foodhistorianMary Berry says something cute and old-fashioned

maryberryPaul Hollywood withholds important information

paulhollywoodSuggestion of romance between Mary and Paul

romanceAdmirable display of multitasking

multitaskingContestant creates ingenious baking tool

hatsMel or Sue steals food

thiefSomeone cries

cryOverenthusiastic hug

hugAdverse weather conditions



We wouldn’t be surprised if one of you ends up getting a full house… if that happens, the loser should probably have to make brownies or something.

Anyway, here are those all important bingo cards – print ’em out and prepare to watch the crumbs fly. Play along with us on Twitter this Wednesday from 8pm using #GBBObingo!


Image credit: Screenshots taken from BBC iPlayer


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