Choose art prints that display your personality

A blank white wall can inspire or intimidate. As someone who cannot wait to get stuck in when an interior design project appears, I’ve spent a lot of time amusing myself by trying out different decor options. Art should be a talking point, and if it’s on your walls it makes sense to choose art that reflects your personality and likes.

I’ve compiled my top five tips, learnt through experience, for using art to make your mark. You can easily change your wall decor, so read on and have stress-free fun trying out new ideas for your rooms.

Find your own cityscape

Walk into any major department store or home decor shop and you’re bound to find a giant photo canvas depicting a city of skyscrapers, most likely in black and white.

While the view must’ve been breathtaking for the photographer, it loses its wow factor when reproduced on a mass scale for the everyman.

Rather than framing someone else’s snap of a place you’ve never visited, find art that reminds you of a place that matters to you, such as your hometown or fave holiday destination. Whenever you see it, it’ll take you back to your special spot, instantly making you feel happy.

Cardiff Underground
My choice: Cardiff Underground, by I Loves The Diff,  reminds me of home and has a lot of Welsh wit about it

Pick words that you believe

Keep calm and carry on decorating with overused slogans if you want a home sweet home that lacks self-expression.

If you put words on your walls, try to pick ones that make you feel something. You will get more satisfaction from looking at a quote print if you believe in it, if it stirs up emotion or makes you think. Plus, it’ll make a better starting point for conversation.

My choice: Andy Warhol, one of my favourite artists, said “the world fascinates me.” As someone always wanting to find out more and experience new things, it makes perfect sense to me

Filter your fandom

To avoid recreating the den of a teenager, be selective when advertising your love for a certain film, show or artist. You want to share your interests, rather than start a merch collection.

Opt for captivating film stills, eye-catching homages by independent artists or prints that instantly capture the essence of whatever aspect of culture wins you over.

My choice: Wes Anderson is one of my favourite film directors; he understands colour groups like no other. This still from Moonrise Kingdom would look great in a frame of a complementary colour

Avoid the generic

All too often, home makeover programmes advocate cluttering up your walls with stock images. A random vase holding a lone rose, a meaningless geometric shape, the silhouettes of strangers dancing in the rain – all of these are well-worn clichés to stay away from.

There is nothing wrong with having flowers, patterns or backlit landscapes hanging above your sofa, but to get the most out of them they should be of things you actually care about.

Childhood fascinations, visuals that trigger you to think positive thoughts or even your own photographs blown up into A3 can add hints of yourself to bare walls and make your space unique.

Space 2
My choice: In primary school I loved learning about space, so this print by twenty21onecreative, complete with the now de-classified Pluto, appeals to my inner child

Your place, your rules

Finally, if you like a piece of art enough to want to see it every day, don’t feel that it has to follow any decor conventions. Want clashing colours? Go for it! Want a diagram of a dinosaur? That’s cool, too! So long as your home feels like home, you’re nailing one of the main points of decor (pun intended).

My choice: I love origami (lame but true), so this Origami Zoo poster by Bobby Monroe makes the cut

Got any more tips about picking the right art for your walls? Drop us a comment or tweet us @Creative_Hacks!
Image credit: Top photo via Daydreamer 


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