Small city adventure in Llandaff, Cardiff

Summer holidays are off the cards for us this year – it’s been a crazy few months with both of us leaving education and starting full time jobs, so we decided that we’d save up our collective pocket money for an adventure abroad next year instead.

We might not be able to afford plane tickets or stays at fancy hotels, but there are a few places that we haven’t explored just a short ride from home. Like Llandaff, for example – the “city within a city” that’s home to an impressive cathedral, some cosy cafés and Roald Dahl’s childhood memories.

Yep, the Roald Dahl – he was born here in 1916 and became notorious with the locals after putting a dead mouse in a jar of gobstoppers at the local sweetshop. That sweetshop is now a Chinese takeaway, but the story lives on in his autobiography Boy, and there’s a plaque on the building to make sure no one ever forgets Llandaff’s most mischievous resident.

We spent our afternoon wandering up and down the small high street, pottering around thoughtfully arranged gift shops and stopping to refuel with tea before marvelling at the colossal Cathedral and its well-kept garden. It goes to show that anyone can have a lot of fun simply by hopping on a train and exploring a local spot that, for one reason or another, had escaped their radar until now.

llandaffgarlands2 llandaffgarlandsllandaffamy
Amy sipping tea in Garlands

…where they also serve up delicious lunches, like this super fresh salad

This cute little gift shop, Halls of Llandaff, stocks crafty cards and homeware

Me trying to be a tour guide

llandaffcemetary llandaffsteeplellandaffstepsAmy hanging out in the grounds of Llandaff cathedral

Regardless of where you live, there’s probably someplace cool nearby that you haven’t checked out yet. Next time you get the urge for adventure, try being a tourist a couple of miles from home – it did the trick for us.



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